We're happy to blow our own trumpet or bang our own drum, but we think the music sounds sweeter when someone else is playing. Here's what some clients were kind enough to say after working with us.


“At Coopers & Lybrand Chris was one of the most effective trainers, particularly in the range of softer skills. Chris has an intuitive way of spotting key issues and honing in on them for the individual, without causing any offence. His style of delivery is always to have a smile on his lips, yet one can sense the sincerity in his heart.

I would recommend Chris to anyone, or any organisation, that needs to get to the centre of issues quickly and efficiently, needs to bring the elephant in the room out sensitively, or wants to advance their career or corporate profitability. He will act with intelligence, integrity and intuitiveness. Oh, and the ready smile and light humour will make the interaction very pleasurable.”

Professor Barry Gilbertson

“Chris Corbin has worked with our senior leadership teams over a number of years helping us in particular with visioning and strategy. He has a strong facilitative approach bringing energy and humour as well as thoughtful insight. 

We have also gained added value from workshops with Chris around process mapping and team building with operational and matrix function teams.

As well as providing a platform to help us develop as a team and as a business I have personally learnt from Chris’ experience and expertise. We still use a number of the tools and techniques he has introduced over the years and I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to other organisations.”

Nicola Graver / HR Director / Bourn Hall Clinic



“Chris is an amazing organisational consultant, facilitator and coach, and an extremely resourceful and charismatic facilitator. He easily adapts his toolkit to the situation. I have experienced the benefits of: ‘Serious Play’ when used to clarify organisational complexity; skilful use of metaphors; excellent balance of support and challenge in coaching conversations; and great facilitation of difficult audiences.

Chris had extensive exposure to senior audiences – regional or territory leadership teams – managing those in a skilful and respectful manner, challenging with courage, holding up the mirror when needed and working together with the client for a successful outcome.

He was a major contributor to the design and delivery of complex developmental programmes for our future leaders, his experience contributing significantly to our participants having revelatory learning experiences and understanding their leadership potential.”

Alex Iorgulescu / CEE Talent Leader  

“Chris Corbin is one of the most talented professionals I’ve encountered in my career. He is an outstanding facilitator and his approach to organizations and teams is unique and powerful.

Chris’s combination of creativity, systems thinking, and business acumen along with his cultural experience makes him uniquely suited to the challenges faced by most organizations and executive teams today. Chris’s sense of humour and penchant for fun makes him a delightful and endearing contributor who delivers real value the moment he arrives.

Unlike some who cannot or do not practice what they preach, Chris models authenticity and the highest commitment to integrity and purpose. I highly recommend Chris for any people or change-related project.”

Rebecca Nelson / Vice President & Chief Talent Officer / Fannie Mae
(Formerly Global Head of Management Development at Microsoft)



I worked with Chris on management development and organisational change projects in the past, supporting organisations and leaders becoming more successful at an international and national level. 

Chris has the ability to integrate truly innovative thinking, a sense for people, clear structural planning and a tremendous knowledge about leadership, organisational design, talent and change management into concepts that really work across organisations.

It has been and is a continuous pleasure working with Chris.

Maike Buggle / HR Manager / Interim Director / Management Coach