Why ‘Wild Guava’? 

Our brand name references the Caribbean origins of our founder and provides a metaphor for the processes we undertake and the results we achieve.


The fruit

Wild Guava is the most ordinary looking of the guava family, but the plant is very hardy and bears copious fruit even in harsh conditions. Its demure exterior hides a nutritious fruit with fabulous flavour – and the leaves have proven medicinal properties. How the metaphor translates to your experience is for you to decide – and, once you've worked with us, we would love to hear your interpretation.

The asterisk

The seeds inside a wild guava are arranged in a series of pods. Our symbol deliberately interprets this arrangement as an asterisk. Asterisks denote something outside the main narrative – something that provides clarity or further explanation – we like to think that this goes some way to describing our position as external consultants to your organisation, your team or you as an individual.