Continuing our preference for symbolism involving tropical plants, we see our network as a mahogany forest.

The Barbados Mahogany, Swietenia Mahogani, grows up to 75 feet tall. Where the roots of neighbouring trees meet, they combine to form a hub which enables them to transfer nutrients between one tree and another.

Our connections work in the same way. Each business is a separate unit that connects strongly to support our combined success. We know and trust each other’s capabilities, have a shared ideology and understand how best to combine our talents to optimise value to clients. 

You will see that we go beyond the typical change programme to embrace a diverse range of expertise. Whether you are developing your organisation through the people agenda, branding or via an asset restructure, we can put together an impressive team to support you through the process.


To find out more about the ‘trees’ in our mahogany forest please click on the relevant link. 

People & Change
Mindplay - Rekindling Imagination at Work
Using imagination and thinking to solve complex business problems


Solving problems to build and grow successful, profitable businesses

Branding & Communications
Logic & Magic Inc. 
The multi-disciplinary creative talent, good humour, personal commitment and straight-speaking common sense of the LMI team make them the ideal strategic creative partner.

Strategy, Real Estate & Business Planning
Barry Gilbertston
Barry displays a very reassuring mix of experience, intellect, confidence and humour – solving problems from the clients’ perspective.