How we help organisations

Strategic alignment

Do you have a strategy that’s partially developed and needs to be completed? Or a strategic intent that’s seen differently by members of the executive team? 

We can help you develop your strategy in full and/or explore it as a team to make sure that there’s consensus and active support by all of the leadership as you take it into the business.

Succession planning

Which roles in your business are critical and what will happen when the current people in those roles move on?  Do you have a clear picture of who is next in line, how far they are from being ready to step into the role and what they need to do to be ready?

We can help you think this through, develop the list of candidates and work with you to create development plans for the people on the list.

Talent management

Who have you got in your organisation? Who is your top talent, your developing talent, your bedrock of solid performers and those who are not meeting expectations? What can you offer each group to make sure that they are getting optimum development and maximising their contribution to the business? What should you do about those who are not measuring up? How do you make sure you keep your best people? 

We can help you to answer these questions and more.

Culture shift

Many alternatives are enabled or limited by the culture of your organisation. 

Are you clear about your purpose, vision, values and culture and are you leveraging these with intent? Can you see where your culture might be restricting options and how it might be shifted to deliver sustainable success? 

Having a language that describes your organisation’s culture and then making intentional changes to adjust it can be a very powerful tool in readying your business for the future. We can work with you to get clarity around your purpose, vision, values and define your culture then, together, develop a change plan to implement culture shift where needed – so that you maximise and utilise inherent strengths and limit the downsides.

This includes working with the leadership team to define the leadership behaviours that need to be role-modelled and supporting them in developing those behaviours.