Track record

Across his career, Chris has engaged with a wide variety of clients and delivered a broad spectrum of people and change related projects.


Clients have included:


Sample projects

Talent Management
Articulated, communicated and embedded a talent management approach for the Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) region that delivered measurable improvements across a range of metrics.

Executive team development
Worked with leadership teams and the CEE regional board to strengthen team relationships and improve business deliverables, including a shift in the culture.

Leadership development
Designed and implemented a global leadership programme for one of the world’s biggest software companies that contributed significantly to a shift in culture. Recruited and developed a leading edge facilitation team. Consistently rated as one of the top facilitators worldwide.


Oranisational development
Designed and delivered various workshops, skill development events and 1:1 coaching over 7 years for a clinical research company. Interventions ranged from project management training to integration of their European operations, development of cultural norms and identity to coaching of members of the leadership team.

Strategic alignment
Designed and facilitated a workshop for the board and leadership team of an outsourcing business to define a clear organisational purpose, corporate values, 3-year vision and strategic priorities. Provided ongoing support for the executive team during communication and implementation.