We are a people and change consultancy.
Our purpose is to make a positive, lasting difference to organisations, teams and individuals through facilitation and coaching.




Strategic alignment
Succession planning
Talent management
Culture shift

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Improving performance
Accelerating development
Addressing dysfunction

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One-to-one coaching
Psychometric testing
Career planning
Leadership development

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“Chris Corbin is one of the most talented professionals I’ve encountered in my career. He is an outstanding facilitator and his approach to organizations and teams is unique and powerful.

Chris’s combination of creativity, systems thinking, and business acumen along with his cultural experience makes him uniquely suited to the challenges faced by most organizations and executive teams today. Chris’s sense of humour and penchant for fun makes him a delightful and endearing contributor who delivers real value the moment he arrives.

Unlike some who cannot or do not practice what they preach, Chris models authenticity and the highest commitment to integrity and purpose. I highly recommend Chris for any people or change-related project.”

Rebecca Nelson / Vice President & Chief Talent Officer / Fannie Mae  
(Formerly Global Head of Management Development at Microsoft)

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