How we help individuals




Today’s workplace is a frenetic, pressured environment. It can be a challenge to find the time and space to think and plan effectively. Finding an unbiased, willing confidant to talk things through can be difficult.

Our consultants have accumulated a healthy level of wisdom and experience – hard earned from experience across a variety of territories, sectors and organisations. What they share is an ability to truly listen.  

We make sure you get value for your precious time. Our first meeting will provide an overview and allows us both to check that the personal chemistry works. Then, over an agreed schedule of meetings – typically 3-6 is sufficient – we will provide objectivity; willingly share our views; listen and challenge; whatever is necessary to help you find perspective, synthesise the complex challenges you face and take action. All in the strictest confidence.

We think of these as Grey Hair Conversations.

Psychometric testing



We are certified in the use of a wide range of psychometric instruments including Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strengths Deployment Inventory, Facet 5, Situational Leadership, TMP team profile, Crucial Conversations and the EQ Map. 

These instruments can be used as part of a coaching relationship, in leadership programmes or with in-tact teams. They raise self-awareness and provide a common language that can allow people to understand and respect differences.

Career planning



This involves working with an individual to help them think through their career desires and options then developing an action plan to pursue their choices. It can be the focus of one or more coaching sessions, included in a leadership programme or delivered as a stand-alone intervention.

Leadership development



This will typically take the form of one or more workshops attended by several participants. Although they will often work together on activities during the events the relevance and application of the learning will be unique to each individual. A typical pattern for a leadership programme is to cover leading self; leading others and leading in the market; combined with coaching support throughout.