How we help teams

Improving performance

Understandably, in these tough times there is a lot of focus on performance and a belief that teams are the way to optimise it. Sometimes that’s true; sometimes it’s not. We can help you identify when you need a team and when a working group is a better option. 

The next step is to help the team deliver what their business needs. Through a variety of activities we can help teams and working groups achieve peak performance. The activities might be directly work related and others might be more playful. They all have the serious objective of helping the team or group to see themselves in action and identify the steps needed to move to a high level of performance.

Accelerating development

Are you building a team that needs to have immediate impact?  If so, they need to quickly establish a strong shared purpose, clear roles and a high level of mutual trust. 

We work with team members individually and collectively to understand what they each bring and how those talents can be combined to best effect.  We create a conducive atmosphere and engage the team in activities that allow the robust exchange between team members that is vital to reaching high performance at speed.

Addressing dysfunction

In most cases, team dysfunction arises from a lack of shared appreciation between team members or a lack of connection to a shared purpose. It can also arise because what is needed is a working group and not a team.

Introducing an independent, objective facilitator is often the most effective and efficient solution. We can work with the people involved to get clarity about the underlying issue and develop a plan to address it.