Seeing the bigger picture

In addition to the inputs that you would expect to find in a people and change intervention, there are two technologies we use that are highly joined-up. These technologies are Serious Play and Celemi Tango.

They can be used as stand-alone interventions or as a component part of a larger programme. In both cases they are very effective and impactful ways for people to get direct experience of how various elements of their organisation interconnect. In other words, they develop a systemic perspective – and they have fun.

Serious Play

Serious Play is a highly engaging, systemic approach to working with the challenges that face individuals, teams and organisations.

Workshop participants build models in a freeform way that creates a shortcut to the core of the issue.

They come away with skills to communicate more effectively, engage their imaginations more readily and approach their work with increased confidence, commitment and insight.

With Serious Play you will inevitably surface the unsaid and save time through deep dialogue about your complex issues so you can make more, better and faster decisions.

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Celemi Tango

If you run a knowledge based business and you want your people to truly understand how image, knowhow, customers and profit connect there is no better way to do it than through the experience of Celemi Tango.

It comprises a board based simulation that takes 1 to 1.5 days (depending on how many ‘years’ you choose to run) and requires at least three teams of four people.

Teams learn to attract and retain customers, recruit and develop employees, build the brand and generate profit in the context of a business strategy.

All teams start in exactly the same position and within a matter of hours can be in very different positions depending on the choices they have made.

The simulation is intertwined with facilitated review sessions that bring out the learning and its practical application

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